Sangle pour ukulélé petite guitare hawaïenne


Sangle pour ukulélé petite guitare hawaïenne 34.90

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Découvrez l’accessoire indispensable pour votre Ukulélé

Embark on a colorful musical journey with our vibrant, multicolored sangle pour ukulélé petite guitare hawaïenne. It’s crafted to impress every Hawaiian music aficionado and to add a splash of style to your performances.

This fashion-forward sangle is more than just a treat for the eyes—it’s built to last. Featuring durable, leather-reinforced ribbon ends, it promises security and longevity. Get ready to steal the spotlight both with your tunes and your style.

We understand that peace of mind is critical when performing. That’s why this sangle comes equipped with a lockable head to ensure your beloved ukulélé remains snug and safe.

Adjustments on the fly? No problem! The sangle includes an easily operable adjustment loop, allowing you to find your perfect fit with minimal fuss.

Technical Details

  • Product Type: sangle pour ukulélé
  • Material: ribbon, leather
  • Intended Use: Ukulélé
  • Variety: available in 3 vibrant multicolor models
  • Width: 3.81 cm
  • Length: 120 cm – adjustable to your preference

Whether you’re serenading under the Hawaiian skies or strumming away at a cozy café, this sangle pour ukulélé petite guitare hawaïenne will ensure that your instrument stays secured with unrivaled style. Before you know it, it’ll become as essential as the ukulélé itself!

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